Over my 5 years of experience at Salesforce, I had the opportunity to deliver several foundational projects from scratch. I arrived in 2016 as a UX Design Intern and continue to work today as a Senior Product Designer. I have contributed to the delivery of multiple multi-million dollar ACV enterprise products while participating and leading the growth of the team, design processes, and tools.

Please find the following key contributions I’ve made at Salesforce. I am happy to share more in-depth information about individual projects over the phone or through a presentation:

Salesforce CDP
2019 – 2021
Senior Product Designer

Salesforce CDP is a self-service customer data platform purpose-built for modern marketers to unify disparate customer data, generate insights, and drive powerful personalization and engagement. In the summer of 2019 after shipping the Customer 360 Data Manager product, I decided to join the Salesforce CDP design team. This newly formed 4 person UX team was working on a proof of concept demo to prove out the technology and customer needs to the business, engineering, and executive stakeholders. I was able to bring my 2 years of domain experience on Customer 360 and integrations to help bootstrap the POC and pilot product experiences. We launched Salesforce CDP from scratch in a year, a huge milestone and accomplishment in bringing the product to life. As of summer 2021, the product is the fastest-growing Marketing Cloud product by AOV.

2019 – 2020
Data Streams & Mapping

Salesforce CDP (Customer Data Platform) is a declarative tool for marketers and analysts to deliver a single, integrated view of the customer. This feature allows users to ingest customer and engagement data into Salesforce CDP and harmonize their schemas into a unified data model.

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2020 – 2021
Calculated Insights

With Calculated Insights, Salesforce CDP customers can leverage their unified data to create business and individual-level metrics for enabling key use-cases. This system of insight can help marketers navigate thorny problems like calculating marketing ROI and the potential lifetime value (LTV) of a customer. They can even help uncover new buyer personas and customer affinities within their customer base (e.g., they have more foodies among their customers than in the general population). Gathering these types of insights that inform marketing campaigns will be critical in determining the success of marketing departments.

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Calculated insights
Design Sprint
Salesforce CDP Vision

6 months into the project, I had the opportunity to lead and run a design sprint for the vision of Salesforce CDP. This was the first time I had full ownership over the planning and execution of a design sprint. I determined the sprint goals, activities, and handled communications to schedule and align our stakeholders. I also drove the design and research plans by working with multiple designers and research to craft the sprint outcome. Our vision was presented to the executive team and resulted in 4 additional headcount for the design team to bring the vision to life and launch Salesforce CDP.

2020 – 2021
Data Package Kits

Package Kit is a Salesforce CDP platform feature that allows customers to package their CDP metadata and the relationships in a single user experience. These packages are the primary mechanism for replicating metadata between different Salesforce environments. It serves major use-cases like migrating metadata from sandbox to production and allows Salesforce partners to create packaged solutions that can be easily installed by Salesforce CDP customers.

2020 – 2021
Streaming Data Actions

In Salesforce CDP, streaming data is captured, and insights are compiled in real-time at high volume. Data Actions enable rule-based actions on this real-time information to drive highly curated output streams to be used in other applications for driving meaningful business and operational outcomes. Once the conditions are met, Data Actions are triggered and pushed to the configured destinations like webhooks, APIs, or event buses. An example use-case of a Data Action is to capture a real-time event of a known customer walking into a store and sending them an alert with personalized in-store offers on their phone.

2017 – 2019 & 2021
Identity Resolution

Identity resolution is one of the most significant and fundamental capabilities of Salesforce CDP. This feature enables our customers to combine profile, behavioral, and transactional data from disparate data sources into a Unified Profile (a.k.a Customer 360) view of their customers. Identity Resolution uses matching and reconciliation rules to retain the most relevant and comprehensive data set for each Unified Individual. These rules include a level of intelligence to help with matching the right customer data while addressing the underlying data quality issues. Customers can further test and validate the rules on their datasets using powerful comparison dashboards to determine the right rule configuration.

This feature was also part of the original Customer 360 Data Manager product and eventually rolled into Salesforce CDP in 2021.

Customer 360 Data Manager
2017 – 2019
User Experience Designer

After graduating from Indiana University - Masters in Human-Computer Interaction program, I joined Salesforce as a UX Designer. Customer 360 Data Manager was a declarative tool for admins and developers to deliver a single, integrated view of the customer. The product enabled users to map their customer records and reconcile their customers’ identities across several disparate systems. I was one of the 3 designers assigned to this new project. Together we took the project from POC in 2017 through a product pilot in 2018 and a full launch in 2019.

2017 – 2018
Keynote Demo
Customer 360 Launch - Dreamforce Keynote Demo

Partnering with the product management, research, engineering, and marketing teams, my design team was tasked with launching the Customer 360 product at Dreamforce in Nov 2018. As a part of this launch, we had to create a compelling marketing demo that would raise awareness and highlight the problems that Customer 360 would solve for all Salesforce customers at the keynote stage. We spent over a year crafting this product vision by running a series of design workshops, collaboration sessions, and research studies to validate customer pain points and needs. The demos and customer stories were presented at the Dreamforce keynote by Parker Harris, Co-founder, and CTO of Salesforce. The launch saw ~15 million online impressions via press coverage and was viewed by the 170k in-person attendees and 10+ million attendees virtually.

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2018 – 2019
Data Stewardship

One of the big challenges of creating a single view of the customer is to ensure that the data is always accurate, relevant, and compliant. Stewardship features are used by the Data Steward persona to manage data quality exceptions and key compliance actions as mandated by laws such as the GDPR, CCPA, etc.

Marketing Cloud
2016 – 2017
User Experience Design Intern

I joined Salesforce as a UX design intern on the Marketing Cloud team in May 2016. During my initial 3 months of the summer internship, I partnered with a UX designer to design the MVP for the Marketing Cloud android application. The goal for this application was to provide Marketers the ability to track the performance of their marketing campaigns, take actions and collaborate with teams right from their mobile devices. The highlight of this project was to harmonize the Google Material Design and Salesforce Lightning Design System frameworks to determine the visual framework, components, and interactions for the application.

I had the opportunity to extend my internship through the second year of my Master's degree. I was able to continue the design work and support the development of the Android app. We also extended the patterns and the app framework to build and launch the iOS app in 2017.

2018 – 2019
Marketing Cloud Mobile Apps
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